"We are each other's shelter from the storm."

One day I walked into a library and my eyes fell on a book called Kingdom Come. I picked it up and to my surprise it was a comic book...or rather as I later learned, a graphic novel. But I saw beautifully painted panels and heroes that I recognized from my childhood who seemed ...well, grown up. I borrowed that book and I was moved and fascinated by, not only the story of men and women who are great heroes, but by they way they showed their humanity. They suddenly were not two dimensional people who just fought bad guys. They were deeply complex. I love books and reading on the whole and I guess getting into the comic genre as an adult woman was a case of serendipity. It led me to finding DC comics and the heroes I grew up with on TV and saw in movies and newsprint. It led me to finding Clark Kent or as he is known by his other name, Kal-El, and Princess Diana. I fell in love with them and am obsessed with all things Amazonian and Kryptonian now. I love their relationship. I love what they stand for. I love the contrasts of the princess/farmer's son; reporter/ambassador; pragmatic warrior/idealistic protector and empathetic teacher/enforcer of justice. A girl born of the earth and a boy who fell from the sky. The first daughter of Themyscira and last son of Krypton. And it surprised me to find that there were many fans like me, who adore them too.

DC rebooted their universe in 2011 and my favorite pairing is now canon!!! Yay.

Disclaimer : Superman and Wonder Woman are the property of DC comics.

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Superman/Wonder Woman #1 Review

This book was a beautiful blend of heroic action along with personal moments and really solid characterizations of Clark and Diana. The art by Tony Daniel is to die for. The action moments are big and bombastic as befitting powerful godlike heroes and yet the moments when Clark and Diana are together, they are so vulnerable and humanized as simply man and woman in a blossoming relationship.

One of my favorites is the balcony scene where we see how these two contrast together. Soule keeps them truly individual, we see how different they are but then we see how there are many things to connect them. Clark is still very restrained while Diana is confident and both are strong willed. It makes for an intriguing set- up. I can't wait to see Diana teach Clark a thing or two when it comes to martial training. ( I always have them sparring in my fics.)

My next fave scene is where Diana battles Doomsday. The girl is such a badass. I love how the intimate scenes are juxtaposed with the battle scenes.

Also thumbs up for connecting this book to the DCU and the creation of a female Amazon in Hessia who is a positive role model of femininity for Diana and Diana expressing her anger and hurt at her loss of her family. Unlike her own title where the Amazons have been cut out of the narrative while being tarred as killers of men and slavers of male children and Diana rarely seems to mourn them.

My only complaint is that it felt it was over so quickly. I needed more but a great start to our power coupl'e series. I give this 4.5 out of 5 stars.


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